“The path is the goal.” 

Mahatma Gandhi


The institution in the United States that is most in jeopardy is the institution of the individual.

It is individuals that always bring change and progress to America - tens of millions of individual Americans!

Government, corporations, not-for-profits, schools, and organizations are simply conduits through which individuals bring change.

The only efforts worthy of our attention are those that work towards the greater good and maintain, at the same time, the importance and integrity of the individual.

Approaching the country’s challenges with the following libertarian
spirit (not to be confused with the Libertarian Party) will create a
healthy and vibrant society. This is the spirit that promotes the freedom, creativity, and integrity of the individual.

It is a spirit that will not sacrifice this individual freedom, creativity, and integrity when working for the greater good. A spirit that envisions governmental political proposals as tools to empower the individual in order to improve peoples’ lives in general and in order to promote entrepreneurship.

A spirit that honors human diversity, including diversity of thought, but is not drawn to identity politics. A spirit that politically recognizes and appreciates the sovereignty and independence of all peoples around the world. A spirit that strives to enhance democracy at all levels of government and that favors disbursing authority and decision-making downward throughout the federal, state, local, and individual level.

A spirit that demands a justice system where individuals are treated
with the same respect and deference as corporations and government. A spirit that understands that individual knowledge is the basis of human progress no matter the level of an individual’s formal education.

By supporting R G Smith as a write-in candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 11th District, you will be supporting creative, revolutionary change that will improve the life experience of the American individual.

Learn more about Smith’s proposed path forward for America here.