• Create a new executive department under the President called the Department of Quality Foods to help promote local healthy farm products like those produced in the Lancaster/York County regional area.
  • Address the difficult situation our dairy farmers are facing. The government should invest 50 million in the transition for willing Pennsylvania dairy farms to switch from commercial milk production to the ever-expanding market of raw milk production. Furthermore, Smith proposes the immediate lifting of the ridiculous FDA regulations preventing the sale of raw milk and raw milk products across state lines. These hard-working American dairy farmers did what America asked them to do – they produced. It is time for America to produce for them. Lancaster and York County grass-fed organic raw milk is the most well-balanced, nutritious food in the world, and should be exported to the rest of the country. This is one reason why a commercial and passenger bullet train through Lancaster is needed. A half-gallon of this fine product might sell for $10 in New York City or Chicago.