Court/Justice System

  • Criminal justice reform for non-violent crimes is past due and needs to be implemented immediately. Incarceration in the United States is way too high and way too expensive. The prison system needs reforming from top to bottom.
  • Reform the laws governing trusts to raise the standards for trustees and increase the transparency for beneficiaries.
  • Increase the number of Supreme Court Justices from nine to thirteen over time. The next four Presidents (starting with President Trump) would each get one of the four extra picks. The number of legal brains on the US Supreme Court representing the country’s highest legal needs is the same today, with a United States population of about 325 million, as it was with a United States population of about 50 million in 1880. This defies common sense. America started with thirteen colonies, so why not make room for thirteen Supreme Court Justices?
  • Encourage judicial nominees who support the rights of individuals and who reject the judicial favoritism that many judges afford powerful government and corporate entities.
  • Encourage federal judicial nominees that are willing to consider unenumerated rights, natural rights, and fundamental rights.