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Creative Revolutionary Change

  1. Give everyone in America Smith’s personal health insurance plan (SmithCare) which is a three-payer system partnership between Medicare, the private sector, and the patient. SmithCare is affordable and comprehensive health insurance coverage. Add the quality of treatment Smith has access to in the United States, and SmithCare is the best overall healthcare coverage that the world has to offer.

  3. Invest an additional $4 trillion in infrastructure over 10 years, and, in the process, engage in accelerated convergence and/or development of the three Internets outlined by Jeremy Rifkin in his book and video entitled The Third Industrial Revolution : (Paraphrased by Smith) (1) a digital communication internet which has matured and is converging with the two following Internets; (2) a lateral, carbon-free renewable energy digital distribution Internet with a smart digital electricity grid; and (3) a smart digital road, rail, water, and air transportation logistic Internet. Mr. Rifkin’s assertion that such an approach will create massive employment and will pay for itself in the form of huge savings is a logical and solid conclusion.

  5. Cut individual taxes further by fully restoring the deduction for state and local taxes, including property taxes, for those tax payers that itemize and by restoring the personal exemption at a level of $2,500 per tax payer ($5,000 for husband and wife). Additionally, Smith would eliminate taxes on any and all social security income for all tax payers and would institute a $500 place of worship or charity deduction for every tax payer ($1,000 for husband and wife) including those tax payers taking the standard deduction. The average tax payer should be able to do what the rich can do, and the latter tax deduction would give our charities a big lift.

  7. Immediately balance the federal budget and immediately start paying down the federal debt with a 5% VAT tax, a 5% tax on all imported goods and services paid at the port of entry, a Wall Street transaction tax of .1% on stocks and bonds, and a 7 cent tax on each exchange derivative contract. When Americans see the debt going backwards and the economy shooting through the roof, these broad-based taxes, used to reduce the debt and pay for infrastructure, will be taxes that Americans can be proud of.

  9. Increase the House of Representatives from 435 members to 688 members to geometrically augment democracy and put the brakes on gerrymandering. The exact number should be the cube root of the population as recommended by Professor Brian Frederick at Bridgewater State University in his October 28th, 2014 article in The Conversation.

  11. Increase our legal brains on the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 to reflect the increase in our population over the last 150 years.

  13. Repeal and replace the 2nd Amendment such that the inherent rights of hunting, target shooting, gun collecting, and self-defense are fully met and adequately defined, but that legally allows for sensible gun control to protect our children.

  15. Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour to help address the nation’s affordable housing crisis.

  17. Guarantee our military personnel retiring from a war zone an immediate, well-paying government or private sector job for three years.

  19. Invest $2 billion per year in a nationwide high school program “Learn to Write Like Hemingway.” We need to make this secret tool available to all students.

  21. Address the difficult situation our Pennsylvania dairy farmers are facing. The government should invest $50 million in the transition, for willing Pennsylvania dairy farms, from commercial milk production to the ever-expanding market of raw milk production. Furthermore, Smith proposes the immediate lifting of the ridiculous FDA regulations preventing the sale of raw milk and raw milk products across state lines. These hard-working American dairy farmers did what America asked them to do – they produced. It is time for America to produce for them. Lancaster and York County grass-fed organic raw milk is the most well-balanced, nutritious food in the world, and should be exported to the rest of the country. This is one reason why a commercial and passenger bullet train through Lancaster is needed. A half-gallon of this fine product might sell for $10 in New York City or Chicago.