• Our ability to tackle global warming and a broad range of other environmental concerns is no less than a test as to whether or not the human experiment is a total abject failure.
  • We must honor the Paris Agreement and our agreements with the Chinese.
  • Carbon emissions must be drastically cut as quickly as possible, and to that end the sustainability target goals set by the Department of Energy must be far more ambitious in all environmental areas including, but not limited to, the use of renewable energy, auto emissions reduction, and general industrial emissions reduction.
  • Immediately implement a national “carbon fee and dividend plan.”
  • If we don’t protect the oceans, rivers, streams, mountains, valleys, wet lands, and the Poles, then we will put at risk the fertile farmland of the 11th Congressional District. We must understand and appreciate the interdependence of our environment.
  • Enact legislation that mandates 95% of the country’s energy needs will be powered by renewable energy by 2050.
  • Enact legislation that immediately prohibits the construction of new crude oil and natural gas pipelines unless an applicant proves in a court of law that its newly proposed pipeline route is essential to national security.
  • Invest 500 million in the advanced development of bio-based and sustainable plastics and the necessary compost facilities per the following articles: http://theconversation.com/scientists-are-developing-greener-plastics-the-bigger-challenge-is-moving-them-from-lab-to-market-101416
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  • Promote a circular economy platform by requiring all plastic packaging to be recyclable by 2035.
  • Invest 100 million in cleaner and more efficient ways to convert plastics to energy.