• Give everyone in America Smith’s health insurance (SmithCare) which is a three payer system partnership between Medicare, the private sector, and the patient. SmithCare is affordable and comprehensive health insurance coverage. Add the quality of treatment Smith has access to in the United States and SmithCare is the best overall healthcare coverage that the world has to offer.
  • Richard Smith, at age 68, has Medicare, a Medicare supplemental policy from the private sector, and prescription drug coverage from the private sector purchased through Medicare. At present, Smith pays $135.50 a month for the Medicare, $188.86 a month for the Medicare supplemental policy, and $28.50 a month for the prescription drug coverage. The present medical deductible under this set-up is $185 per year, not including co-payments for prescription drugs, and there are no physician co-pays. There are several more comprehensive and expensive prescription drug programs for individuals on high doses of multiple prescription drugs, but SmithCare for all Americans would finally give Medicare the purchasing power leverage it needs to force Congress to legislate prescription drug negotiations with the large drug companies in order to bring down prescription drug prices.
  • Every American should have SmithCare, and should be able to purchase the Medicare supplemental policy across state lines; or, as an alternative, the Federal Government could authorize the development of five regional insurance markets through which citizens can purchase the supplemental healthcare insurance policies. Either way, the present narrow/thin state marketplaces must be substituted with a national marketplace or regional marketplaces. Smith speculates that the Congressional Budget Office will find significant cost savings in such a proposal.
  • Obamacare subsidies and Obamacare healthcare and insurance protections must remain in place. Under SmithCare dental and vision insurance would remain in the private insurance sector but would be assigned Obamacare subsidies and assigned all Obamacare insurance protections.
  • Workers Compensation is one of the most arcane and abusive systems of healthcare ever invented by mankind. Injured workers without restriction should be allowed to use the medical care provided for under their own health insurance plans when injured at work, and only wage compensation and damages should require court adjudication.