Keys To A Debt/Deficit Solution

  • If we as a nation are going to be prepared to obligate ourselves to solving our country’s debt/deficit woes, we first need to be proud of the country we are saving – and thus we first need to build an infrastructure that all Americans will be proud of. Such an infrastructure is necessary to adequately expand the economy and expand the tax base, so that we can economically save ourselves. Repairing and modernizing our infrastructure is a central key to solving our debt/deficit crisis.
  • Business-friendly tax incentives that will draw investment, businesses, financiers, venture capitalists, and wealthy individuals from around the globe to the United States is another key to solving the debt/deficit problem.
  • Adding three additional tax bases in the form of a VAT Tax, a Wall Street Transaction Tax, and an Import Tax is another key. Despite this added revenue judicious budget cuts will still be necessary.
  • Investing in our citizens and keeping unemployment low is another key. We have more unused talent than any country in the world.
  • Being prudent and careful regarding military spending is another key.
  • The debt/deficit is only money. With a little brain power the country can easily rectify the situation. Where there is a will there is a way. Realizing the importance of lifting up our citizens will go a lot further to solving the debt/deficit problem than ringing our hands over the issue. There is a reason the dollar is the strongest currency in the world. The world realizes the United States has unlimited natural, human, and physical resources at its disposal – if only its (USA) citizens realized that and properly managed these resources.