• Military spending is a necessary, vital, life-saving EXPENSE in order to protect the nation, but it is anything but a year-on-year, high-return investment. The country must be careful and prudent regarding its military expenditures.
  • The budgetary needs of the military are not easy to control or predict because military budgetary needs are directly related to foreign policy, which is formulated and administered by the President. It goes without saying that military waste needs to be ferreted out wherever possible. It would be prudent to restrict any near-term, year-on-year military budgetary increases to no more than 2.5% above the previous year’s level; but, international incidents and war would throw this figure out the window.
  • Coordinate more intensely with our allies on defense issues and strive for much more sharing of military expenses with our allies. The USA may be the protectorate of the Free World, but the entire Free World must contribute militarily.
  • Guarantee our military personnel retiring from a war zone an immediate well-paying government or private sector job for three years.