• Make the federal election day in November every two years a national holiday so citizens can more easily vote.
  • Federally mandate the option to vote by mail in federal elections.
  • Automatically register all American citizens to vote upon their 18th birthday.
  • Federally mandate early voting in every state two weeks before any federal election.
  • Federally mandate the ability to register to vote at the polls on election day.
  • Enact a federal law requiring that at least one local TV station in each geographical coverage area in the United States provides, every two years in September, fifteen minutes for each federal candidate on the ballot to present his or her case to the public. For geographical areas with more than one TV station, each area would develop its own rotational system. A TV station would present all candidates in one single showing with each candidate presenting their positions in three five minute rotating segments. This would not be a debate format and the law would allow and even encourage stations to advertise (non-political) every fifteen or twenty minutes to make the program profitable and thus easily doable.
  • Institute a ranked-choice voting or preferential voting system for all federal elections including the Presidential Election.